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Crypto CryptoEdit 2.6

CrytoEdit is an absolutely simple, powerful, and secure application to create and edit documents that are encrypted by default. It handles TEXT, RTF, and RTFD (RTF with images) files. All files are saved encrypted. It is the ideal solution for managing private documents in plain text and RTF.
CryptoEdit allows you to edit documents with a simple word processor. It can handle text and images. All the features available in a modern, Cocoa-based RTF editor are available in CryptoEdit. Text may be formatted using rulers, styles, and fonts of different sizes and colors. All font selections are available from standard menu dialogs and custom styles may be used.

CryptoEdit performs spell-checking in your native language and includes full text search. Insertion of images may be done with simple drag-and-drop. CryptoEdit can import existing documents and export in standard TEXT, RTF, and RTFD. CryptoEdit documents are always saved encrypted for security. If it was saved, it was encrypted! Saving a document with images (RTFD) creates a single file with all text and images encrypted.
Always saves content encrypted. You are always safe because it can't save in plain text. No way to create documents that anyone can read.

  • Easy and effective, you will be productive from the first seconds of use
  • Accepts drag and drop to insert images
  • Import from files on disk in standard TEXT or RTF or RTFD (RTF + images) .
  • Documents can also be exported as TEXT, RTF or standard RTFD (included images) in plain format
  • Super-protected content. CryptoEdit uses a strong AES-256 algorithm.
  • Full-featured editor with spell-check in any language
  • Fully implemented search
  • Insertion of images via drag-and-drop.
  • Unbelievably fast. It decrypts and opens super-secure AES-256 files as if they were plain text.
  • Native Intel 64 bit to take full advantage of the power of the latest Macs
  • Sandboxed and Gatekeeper signed respecting all the Apple rules for first class OS X apps
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Changed 2023-02-11
Version 2.6
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License Commercial license
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